We provide the following services for your organisation

  • Review existing accountancy policies and suggest changes for compliance with Ind AS/IFRS
  • Assist in preparing Ind AS/IFRS compliant Financial Statements
  • Develop and implement road maps and blue prints for Ind AS/IFRS adoptions
  • Develop and review administrative and internal control procedures in relation to Ind AS/IFRS
  • Assist in forming an opinion in any Ind AS/IFRS related matter
  • Assist in filing Ind AS/IFRS Financial Statements in XBRL format
  • Help companies in estimating the Fair Value of an Asset/Liabilty in accordance with Ind AS/IFRS


We recognise the training needs of people at various levels in an organisation. So we divided the training of Ind AS/IFRS into

Ind AS/IFRS for Management and Audit Committee

Ind AS/IFRS for Accountants

Ind AS/IFRS for Auditors

We also provide the training to small organisations for IFRS for SME