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Cross Border Transaction Structuring

When the multinationals look at business opportunities beyond the boundaries of their countries, they are faced with the crucial question of structuring. This is where the professionals like us can offer our expertise and guide the corporates in putting together a structure, which is tax-optimum and legally compliant.

Tax Structuring and Advisory Services

Inbound Investments:

  • Advising on entry strategies and evolving optimal ownership/jurisdiction structures for investment in India
  • Advising on entity structuring for selecting an optimal entry vehicle such as a branch, subsidiary, joint venture, to name a few
  • Assistance in filing/obtaining necessary regulatory approvals including those from the Reserve Bank of India, the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Government of India and other Regulatory Authorities
  • Incorporation / registration of entry vehicle
  • Advisory/compliances associated with other mode of inbound investments such as Foreign Institutional Investors, Venture Capital Funds, etc.

Outbound Investments:

  • Advising on cross border investment strategies and evolving optimal ownership/jurisdiction structures for investment into a particular jurisdiction which include setting up an International holding company, global sales company, etc.
  • Advising and assistance on entity structuring, capital structuring and regulatory approval process in selected jurisdiction
  • Assistance in finalizing/review of shareholders, joint venture and other relevant business agreements
  • Striving to enhance tax credit and income deferral in India. Mergers and acquisitions and due diligences.

Services for FII’s:

  • A foreign financial institution which intends to invest in the securities of Indian Companies through the Indian stock market is required to register in India with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Foreign Institutional Investor (FII).
  • We assist clients in identifying the international tax issues impacting the investment structure and on-going investment transactions.