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Context : How can a multinational firm with a strong presence in US/UK/Australia etc. market, set up their off- shore office in India without any hurdles, resulting in significant reduction of cost.

About the client : A multinational company head-quartered in London, is into the operations of consulting and talent acquisition solutions. The companies have an excellent reputation for recruitment delivery within the following verticals: Financial services, Information technology, IT-enabled services, Media and entertainment, Telecom, FMCG and Health care &pharmaceuticals.

Its Indian subsidiary (Y Private Limited), is engaged in the business of providing recruitmentprocess outsourcing (RPO) services and other solution-designed services to support RPO. It also provides end-to-end consulting and talent acquisition solutions.

Methodology : One of the first and most important issue for a multinational company who is considering doing business in India, is ownership structure.

What type of
business structure
should we use? :
There is no single correct answer to which type of business structure to follow. This is highly dependent on business objectives, needs, industry the company is in and the nature of the business.

The following are the options, available to establish a company or an entity in India:

  • Private company
  • Public company
  • Branch office
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Liaison office
  • Project office

The A P T team conducted a thorough analysis of the industry, the pros and the cons of operations in India. The client was advised to incorporate a Private Limited company as a subsidiary of the multinational group, which was incorporated on 26/11/2007.

Outcome : A P T assisted the client to comply with all the rules and regulations, to establish the subsidiary in India; Like: Company incorporation, RBI approvals, registration under various Acts, GST refunds and appeals, licenses under respective jurisdictions, etc.

Basis the advisory from A P T ’s team, the company was able to increase its profit and reduce its cost (by establishing a subsidiary in India and taking advantage of the relatively cheap local resources like raw material) significantly.

Context : Filing of refund application under GST Laws for Multinational Companies, who don’t have the required expertise to take care of cumbersome procedures involved.

About the Client : A Multinational company which is engaged in the export of services with payment of IGST or without payment of IGST under Letter of Undertaking (LUT), is eligible for a refund of IGST paid or accumulated ITC due to non- payment of IGST respectively.

Problem Statement : Multinational companies who is present in various countries, requires expertise in handling the cumbersome procedures involved in filing a GST refund application, preparation of necessary documentation as required by the concerned authority, representation before authorities and continuous follow up with the authorities to grant refund claimed.

Multinational companies who is present in various countries, requires expertise in handling the cumbersome procedures involved in filing a GST refund application, preparation of necessary documentation as required by the concerned authority, representation before authorities and continuous follow up with the authorities to grant refund claimed.

Due to a blockage of the amount in accumulated ITC or with the government, it would affect working capital requirements adversely, thereby interest on borrowing might be increased.

Further, filing of a refund application is time consuming activity and involves a lot of paperwork which affects the regular day to day operations of any business.

Methodology : Filing of GST refund involves the following procedures:

  • Filing of online refund application.
  • Preparation of necessary pre- documentation, like annexure-A as required by law.
  • Reconciliation between ITC claimed and ITC reflecting in GSTR-2A, which involves identification of missed credit.
  • Manual submission of documents to the concerned authority, after filing of refund application.
  • Preparation and submission of documents as required by the authorities.
  • Representation before authorities.
  • Continuous follow up with the authorities, to grant refund claim.
  • Other necessary procedures in relation to refund claim.

Outcome : With the assistance of A P T ’s team, the client filed their refund application and successfully received their refund claimed, without any effect on regular day to day operations of the business and it also resulted into effective utilization of time and resources without recruiting any additional employees.

The client was also able to address their working capital requirements and saved interest on borrowings due to early receipt of refund, which also successfully aids in achieving a reduction in cost. The convenience of working with A P T Team is that the client has to pay a professional fee only after the refund amount is successfully credited to his bank account.

“With the help of the AP T Team, we successfully received the refund amount without any loss of time, in fact it was cost effective also.” - M.D of the reputed company

Context : Migrating the process of detecting and preventing financial &online gaming fraud, by a gaming company into India, to cut the overall cost.

About the Company : A global gaming company, leader in online and mobile gaming as well as in the interactive entertainment industries, entertains millions of customers across the world. It does so through its online real and play-money poker, gaming and betting product offerings. It offers these products directly or indirectly under several ultimately owned or licensed gaming and related consumer businesses and brands.

Problem Statement : How to minimize costs & compliances and maximize productivity?

Requirement : The company wants to shift its work of detecting and preventing online gaming fraud, financial fraud and the risk management process to Indiato engage resources with high caliber expertise, so that overall cost can be reduced.

Options Provided : 1. A detailed analysis was conducted of the gaming industry and the applicable statutes in India and an option was shared to incorporate either a private limited company or a limited liability partnership through the FDI mode.

2. Also to enable them to focus completely on their technical aspects, the company was advised to outsource all the non-technical areas of compliances to the professional consultancies to manage.

3. We undertook TAX, ROC and RBI related compliances for the Indian entity to be established.

Outcome : With the assistance of A P T , the client successfully incorporated an LLP and initiated its business in India with its registered office located in Hyderabad, on 26th October 2016. With the consistent support of A P T , the Indian business was able to fully engage in its day-to-day technical activities with full efficacy, by employing around 100 technically sound and high caliber resources within a period of 18 months, for completing the required migration process.

Thus, with the aid of A P T , the Indian entity successfully reached its predetermined target and achieved significant growth in productivity as well as a significant reduction in its cost.