In an increasingly global-scale business environment, the valuation issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, restructuring, tax planning and disputes have become more complex than ever. Moreover, with India accepting the convergencewith globally accepted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), accounting challenges that may have to be tackled during implementation cannot be ignored.

We provide a wide range of valuation services. We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Tangible Asset Valuations:

    We assist our clients in evaluating, identifying and valuing tangibles and intangibles for the purpose of purchase price allocations (PPA) and also advise clients in understanding accounting impacts before deal execution by carrying out pre-deal PPAs.

  • Intangible Asset Valuations:

    We value and apprize intellectual property assets like patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names or brands, research and development assets, products in R&D stages, etc. We review license and franchise agreements from a valuation perspective. We also value and evaluate intangible assets like contractual and non-contractual customer relationships, core deposit intangibles, customer lists and non-compete agreements.

  • Share Valuation:

    We offer independent advice to boards of directors to help them determine the right price to pay or accept for a business. We help evaluate shareholder value for stakeholders.

  • Business Valuation

    Business Valuation for a broad range of industries including financial and professional services, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.

Valuation Issues:

The use of Valuation of an Asset/Share/Business in a specific transaction shall have a multi-fold effect impacting various stakeholders at various levels. For example: Parties to the Transaction, Income Tax Department, RBI & many other minor stakeholders.

The Government is effected by and large by the valuation methodology & in order to minimize their impact different governing bodies have prescribed different methods along with separate set of rules for each method.

taxation consultancy services


  • In depth Analysis of different variables in the Valuation Study.
  • Expert level solutions to adhere various regulatory compliance.
  • Certifications as per different Regulatory authorities:
  • Income Tax Act,1961 (Rules)
  • RBI (FEMA-FDI/ODI Compliance)
  • Companies Act 2013 regulations/Rules